Shipping & Returns


30 days –Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are proud to present our Satisfaction guaranteed or money back policy, which our high standards of quality allow us to offer.

3 months – Premature wear

Contact us if, despite our vigilance, you receive a defective garment (a defect affecting the seams or fabric, for example). We will replace it at our cost. Obviously, wear resulting for improper use or abuse (see section on How to adjust your garment) is not covered by this guarantee.

6 months – Guaranteed compression

The calibrated compression of AngelCare garments is measured and tested on a regular basis. The results of our studies allow us to offer you a full guarantee on the compression required to meet targeted performance. If you feel that your garment no longer provides adequate compression, contact us within the required timeframe to discuss the possibility of replacing it.

To arrange the return of a product

Contact our Customer Service team by email at , or by telephone at 1-866-986-0786. If you obtained your AngelCare garment from one of our retailers, you must arrange the return with that retailer.



Method: Standard UPS
Shipping cost: 10.99$
Delivery: 5-10 Business days

Method: Post Canada
Shipping cost: 19.99$
Delivery: 10-30 Business days


  • AngelCare is not responsible for compensating customers due to shipping carrier delays.
  • Free shipping threshold is based on the price before tax is added (if applicable).
  • Transit times are approximate.
  • Duties (and taxes for customs) are included in the total price at checkout
  • Orders can be billed and shipped to separate addresses, as long as they are within the same country.